Shiroi Arashi I - White Storm (Kaze Collection)

Mitsuo Shoji Mitsuo Shoji

Dimensions: 80 x 25 x 25 cm

Medium: Hand constructed porcelain

Storm With splashes of vibrant blues doused on large forms that challenge size and height, Mitsuo Shoji’s sculptural ‘Storm’ works depict squalls of driving rain during a downpour. If these works seem sentient it may be because of the way they are made, in a studio charged with Buddhist chants, classical music and the crackle of experimentation. After creating the form, Mitsuo Shoji lathers it with a thick porcelain slip, which in the process of creation retains the wet immediacy of oil paint, an illusion that makes each fired piece seem more tactile and alive. With great focus, Mitsuo Shoji marks the form with pigments of a striking cobalt blue that that when fired has the energy to run. After firing, he uses the power and ferociousness of a blow torch to crack and craze the surface like the dripping of rain drops. In the work of Mitsuo Shoji the tempest of life becomes both a metaphor and central ingredient. . Photo by Greg Piper


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