Five Pears

Mary Donnelly Mary Donnelly

Dimensions: 64 x 64cm

Year: 2023

Medium: acrylic, charcoal on canvas

Green – today green tends to conjure up comforting images of countryside and environmentally friendly politics. Despite its association with envy, it is generally seen as a peaceful colour and is often associated with luxury and style. In Latin the word for green is viridis, which is related to a large group of words that suggest growth and even life itself: virere, to be green or vigorous; vis, strength; vir, man; and so on. Many cultures associate the colour positively with gardens and spring. The colour green became prominent from the twelfth century. In medieval Islamic poetry Mount Qaf, the celestial Mountain; the sky above it; and the water at its feet are all depicted in shades of green. Excerpt “The Secret Lives of Colour” by Kassia St Clair


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