Phil Stallard | The Collector's Gallery

Blue in an Abstract Key 

My new works feature an ongoing fascination with colour blue. The works were produced in my studio at Wisemans ferry though the winter of 2021. Inspiration for all the works being the many moods of the Hawkesbury River combined with an obsession with the colour blue. I would light a fire, play some music (Miles Davis, Daniel Lanois, John Cage, Aphix Twin) and start painting. I used classical oil painting techniques to achieve the depth of colour, often painting through the night just going with the music.  I would like to think of this series as meditative, serene, and peaceful, the title of the series a homage to the Miles Davis album “Kind of Blue” 

Date & Time

24 August 2021

Start - 10:00 am Sunday

3 October 2021

End - 6:00 pm Australia/Sydney

Rochfort Gallery

0422 039 834

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