Chris Ma | Pulsating Clay

Chris Ma | Pulsating Clay

In my ceramic creations, I blend clay, porcelain, and recycled clay materials to form a unique synthesis of texture and organic form. Through an expressive dialogue with clay, characterized by bold gestures and fluid movements, they evoke the dynamic rhythms of nature. 

The pieces embody a harmonious fusion of self-expression and environmental influence, manifesting as melodic fragments born from my experimentation with recycled scrap clay. Circular motifs, looping patterns, and organic shapes emerge, each imbued with a sense of movement and rhythm that echoes my interaction with their surroundings. 

Despite the organic and textural nature of my work, the forms are deeply stimulated by the environment, both the natural one and the civilized one, they are acting as a testament to the connection with the existing world. 

Recycling clay in creation is a sense about to merge the old ones to modern ones. To refresh but retain something significant and valuable.

Through my functional, non functional pots, sculpture and installation could find resonance in the harmonious interplay between myself and environment, life; creating pieces that reflect the possibility of clay, enduring beauty of creative communion with clay and nature.

Chris Ma's Solo Exhibition

17 Apr - 18 May 2024

VIP Preview
 Wednesday 17th Apr 2024
10 am - 6 pm
Ground Floor, 317 Pacific Hwy, North Sydney

 Friday 19th Apr 2024
1 - 3 pm
Ground Floor, 317 Pacific Hwy, North Sydney

Date & Time

17 April 2024

Start - 10:00 am Saturday

18 May 2024

End - 6:00 pm Australia/Sydney

Rochfort Gallery

317 Pacific Highway,
North Sydney NSW 2060
0422 039 834
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