'Beyond The Bay' | Paul McCarthy

'Beyond The Bay' | Paul McCarthy

Balls Head, a favourite haunt of mine, closely followed by Berry Island; both close; both inspiring.

 As the tangle of limbs reach across the sky, a trapeze for the local chorus of cockatoos. The scent of eucalypt fills the gentle breeze, chilled to perfection by the harbour below.

A kaleidoscope of opportunity for an artist, every direction exploding with design, colour and opportunity. I love the play of light as it splashes the trunks of the gum trees and piercing light reflects back in vivid shades of yellow, orange and purple. If I turn around the bobbing boats and movement of water borne traffic on the harbour beyond are held in visual place by recognisable landmarks forming bold static references.

An air of familiarity, yet a sense of time, place and atmosphere is what I love to capture. McCarthy

Opening & Celebration, Saturday 4 February, 1 - 3pm. All Welcome.
317 Pacific Highway, North Sydney
Artwork enquiries, please call 0438 700 712

Special previews available Wednesday 1 Feb – Friday 3 February. Please book in to make an appointment.

'Charlotte's Run' 44 x 44cm, oil on linen (2022)

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Paul McCarthy
Paul McCarthy

McCarthy’s plein-air vision of the bush is one of energised colour. Born in 1966 in Sydney. Paul has been painting for 30 years. His landscapes combine Fauvism, Impressionism and Contemporary Abstraction. His exquisite colour combinations give his paintings an exotic flair, through which he captures and finds a whole new and dramatic light unique to his environment. He has had numerous solo and joint exhibitions both here and overseas, including a joint exhibition in Soho New York in 2001. McCarthy has worked extensively as a community artist including working with a remote aboriginal community, high schools, and acting curator for the Sydney Children’s Hospital. He has also coordinated several groups of volunteers working with groups covering the Sydney Children’s Hospital, the Sydney Cancer Centre at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital as well as adults with disabilities at Studio Artes Hornsby. “I am a colourist at heart and my work reflects a response to my surroundings. My selection enables me to create vivid sequences of colour or subtle muted tones, as the need arises. Working plein air I am able to capture the full range of the vast diversity of the Australian landscape from coast to hinterland and outback.”

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Date & Time

1 February 2023

Start - 10:00 am Saturday

18 March 2023

End - 4:00 pm Australia/Sydney

Rochfort Gallery

Rochfort Gallery,317 Pacific Highway
North Sydney NSW 2060
0438 700 712
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