Whirl Pool Vase II (Kaze Collection)

Mitsuo Shoji Mitsuo Shoji

Dimensions: 35 x 25 x 25 cm

Medium: Wheel thrown porcelain

Kaze Collection The “Kaze” collection by Mitsuo Shoji has been recognised globally as an important body of work embodying gesture and resonant form. The word “Kaze” translates from Japanese to mean ‘wind’ and reflects this artist’s relationship to elemental powers. Works in this series have a depth of glaze and boldness of execution that wrestles between compressed humility and energised expressionism. On every piece, the hand of the artist is present, rushing through like a sculpting fall of water. Where the winds find its hollows and water finds it level, Mitsuo Shoji pushes his energy against the nature of the clay. His innate restraint is also present, paring down the elegant lip of a vase, or evoking ploughed earth with the raw edge of fired clay. The impact of Shoji’s traditional Japanese brushes on the finest porcelain absorbs like the strokes of a Koan on rice paper. . Photo by Greg Piper


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