Two of a Kind - Wasp and Egg

Esther Bolz Esther Bolz

Dimensions: 15 x 15

Medium: Graphite on Arches

Esther Bolz is a young artist whose love of detail and innate line animates every living creature, from a beetle to a fragile branch or intricate feather. Her work encloses secret histories and a remarkable faith in detail. "I believe all people have an innate sense for beauty in the world around them. In our own unique way, we collect memories, form ideas and create every single day. I have always been drawn to nature and appreciated the art of creation and recreating from life. As a trained Natural History illustrator I have learned to focus my work on detail, accuracy and purity in my process. My illustrations, often scientific in nature, mimic the natural world and expose the beauty, truth, and purpose within a living thing. The Edible Garden Collection explores the deconstruction and creative display which is key to a traditional botanical plate; the focus of these being a gardeners produce table."

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