The Air Warmed up in Spring

Leah Thiessen Leah Thiessen

Dimensions: 153 x 153

Medium: Painting

Oil on linen Leah Thiessen has a way of drawing truths from the land in a highly original language hewn from years of observing and drawing upon nature: ���My work taps into the emotional gravity of a place, its memory, its pulse, its rawness and power. For me the paintings communicate a deep felt relationship with the earth, embodying a spirit of place and its atmosphere. The images are a direct emotional response to the bush, beaches and mangroves that surround my home. My paintings explore unique ways of capturing the diversity of the natural terrain. I am interested in local flora, protected plant species, seaweeds and noxious plants. I often start my paintings with the small delicate details found in the bush and then depart to a place of frantic energy.�۝

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