Sydney Cove March 1788.

Ian Hansen Ian Hansen

Dimensions: 95 x 145cm

Medium: Painting

Oil on Belgium Linen In the grand tradition of Marine artists, Ian Hansen has spent a lifetime both painting and serving the sea. His story is unusual in that he joined the Royal Australian Navy at 15 and served for twelve years. Committing to a full time art career in 1975 he has spent forty years painting, drawing and mediating the ocean. His command of the most mutable element is strengthened by a potent way with light. In addition to his meticulous and romantic large scale oil paintings, Hansen has also kept beautifully drawn log books from his time as a crew member on the barque “James Craig” and his 5 week journey to Antarctica aboard the ice ship “Sir Hubert Wilkins”. In 2015 he was awarded the Hunters Hill Art prize and he is esteemed as one of the leading marine artists of this country.

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