Phyllis & Beverley

Sue Tesoriero Sue Tesoriero

Dimensions: 83 x 83cm

Year: 2022

Medium: oil on board

This is a series of paintings of my collection of saucers, collected from my mum and grandmothers on both sides of my family and a maternal great grandmother. One saucer is borrowed from a friend, Carol – it belonged to her grandmother and was passed down through her mother. While playing with composition and through the physicality of the paint, I think about the past owners of these objects – Phyllis, Jean, Clara, Beverley, Iris and the stories that were told amongst friendships over a cup of tea over the generations. Shared confidantes about life, love, hardships and a celebration of friendship. I took inspiration from the Italian painter Morandi, a master in composition. My starting point for each work was with the composition, varying the arrangement, the shades and the harmonies. Through layers of paint and mark making, an energy has been created, providing a vibrancy in these works. Through paint and the weaving of past and present, I like to think these past conversations and dreams live on.


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