Spring Dust

Susanna Chen Chow Susanna Chen Chow

Dimensions: 64 x 51

Medium: Painting

Acrylic on paper The great vertical thrust of spring shoots like a green arrow stem through the new works of Susanna Chen Chow. The fresh mutable palette she has chosen sits lightly with her deft line and painterly petals. In an atmosphere that seems almost perfumed, banana leaves, iris blooms and furrowed moss form a flower bed with no boundaries. In conversation with both Fauves and Nabis, the mood of this special group of paintings has an intimacy, the privacy of a secret garden. The greatest achievement of these works is not merely their beauty but tremendous leaps of invention in both space and composition. To play with perspective takes a steady eye and a skill honed by decades of painting. These works take paradise and turn it neatly on its head.

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