Graham Hallett Graham Hallett

Dimensions: 70 x 85

Medium: Painting

Oil on canvas Blue Mountains artist Graham Hallett creates his work with a unique process that blends observation, sketches and vivid imagination. Rather than being bound to a literal portrayal of a particular scene, Hallett instead uses the landscape as a visual vocabulary that can be independently composed. In recent times Hallett has departed from composition based on purely preliminary charcoal drawing. He has returned to a technique he implemented some years ago. This involves placing the prepared canvas on the ground and 'splattering' it with a dark purple wash - creating a rhythmic direction and an amount of chaos to serve as underpainting. "Sometimes the patterns are more random and I can spend some time looking into the resultant matrix until an image emerges. Such an approach allows for the unconscious to come into play. A refined painting has the energy of acuteness and vibrancy of colour. A less developed painting has dynamism and spontaneity. Both have their virtues but one necessarily is lost to the other. There are bones and the body, but both are of the same essence."

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