Shin Shou Fukei - Impressions of Landscape, Blossom Plate I (Blossom Collection)

Mitsuo Shoji Mitsuo Shoji

Dimensions: 5 x 37 cm

Medium: Wheel thrown porcelain

Blossom Collection A lifetime of focus upon ancient methods and modern applications has blossomed into a highly physical poetic and a prolific manifesto of perpetual change and re-invention for Mitsuo Shoji. His Blossom Collection uses large quantities of clay to give birth to vessels symbolic of spring and a time of renewal, just like Sakura – the Cherry Blossom season in Japan. The porcelain works are lathered with a thick porcelain slip, which through its textural nature we traverse the exterior with curiosity. The fleeting nature of life with ebbs and flows of vibrant life and contrasting gloom is shown through Mitsuo Shoji’s energetic splashes of deep blues and cherry reds. He has developed his own language through form and colour . Photo by Greg Piper


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