Nagisa II - Rock Pool Plate (Lake Eyre Collection)

Mitsuo Shoji Mitsuo Shoji

Dimensions: 5 x 38 x 16 cm

Medium: Slab worked white stoneware

Lake Eyre Collection As if driven by unquenched curiosity, this artist is known for the scope of his palette, technique and scale. Escaping the arid monochrome of many potters, Mitsuo Shoji is known for rich cobalt blue, emerald green and aquamarine. These iridescent gemstone hues were inspired by aerial views of Lake Eyre. These memories of an aerial view of a river system of a dry and arid climate illustrate how the earth is rich in its mineral deposits and can be defined through the emerald green lustres and crystal formation of his glazes. The depth of cobalt blues and emerald and jade greens over the flesh colours of clay are an intricate harmony and balance of nature. . Photo by Greg Piper


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