Werner Filipich Werner Filipich

Dimensions: 46 x 31 cm

Medium: Oil on Canvas

In the footsteps of Conder, Roberts and Streeton, Werner Filipich describes himself as one of the last Australian “traditional painters”. His approach to the landscape is deliberately classical and openly indebted to the Heidelburg school, yet also steeped in the fresh vision of a painter who “goes bush” to paint at least once a year. Filipich revels in his relationship with varied terrains and remote landscapes: "These regular painting trips are good for my soul, they refresh my eye to the natural colours of nature and rekindle my enthusiasm and ability to capture the true colours of each season in their pure and unadulterated realistic form. A fellow of the Royal Art Society and alumni of the Julian Ashton Art School, Filipich has also represented NSW for five major works to tour Germany, sponsored by Qantas.


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