Izette Felthun Izette Felthun

Dimensions: 47 x 25.5 x 12cm

Year: 2021

Medium: This piece reflects an intimacy, objectivity and a grasp of the body’s physical reality. The limited colour range and simplification draws attention to the voluminous, round shouldered form, suggesting vulnerability and fragility. The black smoke markings reflect a kind of truth, unidealized portrayal of the various textures and tones of flesh. The history of the individual is written in the marks of experience on her skin. This identity visible in the body gives access to the inner self. A mix of porcelain and raku clay covered in a porcelaneous slip. Patterned by hand with tape to resist glaze. Glazed with resist slip and raku glaze. Thereafter fired in gas kiln followed by post fire reduction.


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