Horseshoe Lagoon #1

Nat Ward Nat Ward

Dimensions: 110 x 110 cm

Medium: Painting

Oil on Canvas "My paintings are based on the interesting and often secret narrative of regional Australia's inland waterways.   My intent is for the viewer to firstly see a deconstructed landscape as a cohesive whole then to be drawn in closer to notice the nuanced layers, signatures and details. I am drawn to the mosaics of colour, the whimsical scribbles of nature’s marks and the lacy reflections on the water." Please note that 'Horseshoe Lagoon #1' has been historically listed in the 'Land and Sea' Exhibition, February 2018, at a value of $3100. Due to Nat Ward's strong demand and sales outcomes, this work has been re-valued to $4000 in line with a 30% increase in value of her work.

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