Horsehoe Lagoon April #3

Nat Ward Nat Ward

Dimensions: 130 x 165 cm

Medium: Painting

oil on canvas Nat Ward's terrain is often in the undergrowth. Her "griffe" is built on the turf that is tangled and knotted, burrowing away from the searching gaze of the sun. Yet in her new works, Ward explores a brighter palette and a humid lush sense of atmospherics that takes a patch of forest and expands it into an epic tale. The lyrical use of seasonal colour and her undulating asymmetry take the eye for a walk, most certainly, but also allow for patches of meditative introspection. Hers is a landscape that revels in its own internal logic and interconnects at every point. Like the lacy network of tree roots that echoes the branches above, her paintings link the earth and the sky into one exquisite, vibrating whole.

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