Sheila Lyne Sheila Lyne

Dimensions: 24 x 29 x 23 cm

Medium: Ceramic Stoneware

In the intricate ceramic sculptures of Sheila Lyne each element is individually made. “Starting from the centre base I create each petal and place it in a beautiful rhythm, building the work piece by piece. My methods and techniques have evolved over time as I have learned the properties of my chosen clays; their malleability, fragility, colour and ability to hold the intensive treatment of their surfaces. My favourite tools are my hands, shell shards and dry wood sticks collected from the local beach, as well as needles, BBQ skewers and even a seed planting dibbler.” Germinated in the salt soaked crags and foreshores of Kiama, these are creatures of an inverted garden: the elaborate and secretive realm of the sea-bed.


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