Day Dream

Michaela Laurie Michaela Laurie

Dimensions: 50 x 52

Medium: Painting

Mixed media on board "Inspired by nature with a dash of whimsical imagining" is how Michaela Laurie describes her Lilliputian landscapes and meticulous Bonsai trees where tiny ladders turn molehills into mountains. Painted and drawn with a tenderness to detail, Laurie's leaves and branches seem sentient. There is no such thing as a silent tree in her world and instead these works seem to whisper and hum. Because of their intricate execution, these are scenes you want to examine in an intimate way, drawn to the hollows and tufts, studying every blade. Playing with proportion, the tiny world opens up into the grander scheme and everyday pot plants become micro-forests. All you have to do is look closely.

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