Crimson Hills

Debbie Mackinnon Debbie Mackinnon

Dimensions: 101 x 211

Medium: Painting

Oil and mixed media on board diptych My Crimson Hills painting concerns itself both with surfaces and underneaths. What is edited out, what is left in, what is flattened away or painted out? By layering and pushing the paint about, the patterned surface can suggest a steep intervening space between itself and what it shows. If you peer into the painting, the patterns dissolve and become something else again. Ambiguity is at the root of it all. The mark making must create an illusion of near and far. And why red? I kept returning to that magic moment in the late afternoon before the sun goes down, where everything is bathed in a red and orange glow, and looking at the values of those reds against the softest pink in the sky. I almost always use red in my underpaintings but its been an exciting experiment to push that further into the top layers. I started with thin layers of transparent acrylic paint. Historically underpaintings tend to be monochromatic; this work heralds a time of randomness and experiments- time to look deeper and be inspired by the surfaces. Time to be free spirited and let things just happen. "All painting is an accident but the part that isn't an accident is knowing which parts to keep". So its a fine balance. Finally the opacity of white buttery oil paint and the satisfying business of gestural marks with oil sticks. The white areas become critical to showcase the reds, revealing the disruptions that can mar our sense of reality. Its a subtle distance between the fragments and the whole.

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