Graham Hallett Graham Hallett

Dimensions: 55 x 70

Medium: Painting

Oil on canvas Hallett's work develops a strange time-bending quality; somehow it sets up the life of future memories like some map written in invisible ink. He gets to the destination before the viewer, but was never really there. In this way the viewer completes the work, albeit he has illuminated a memory of what is essentially unseen. Initially Hallett makes a pattern and looks into it until a satisfactory design or subject emerges. Commencing the composition with a dark purple wash, a charcoal drawing and then subsequent oil colours to whatever end result is desired and ultimately interpreted. "Though my works are sometimes complex and developed, each one takes on its own character and feeling without me steering it with overt intent. Hence, not really something that can be nailed down. However, that's not to stifle matters. To me what springs from the physical act of working is surprising in that the result can expand into peoples' imagination."

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