Pamela Honeyfield

Pamela Honeyfield

The large scale contemporary abstract works of Pamela Honeyfield evoke the landscape through the poetics of landmass and the dance of tonal colour. The fluidity of oil paint follows the unbound energy of her line. Describing her genre as “digestible abstract” this painter enjoys the element of chance within her process: “I don’t always have set rules for painting, the work will often dictate my next move and as we enter this dance and relationship I allow the colour and the movement of marks and shapes to play and interact. There are many variables when creating a work and you have to be willing to lose and regain images until it’s resolved. The best marks made and paintings created are when I seemingly disappear for a while in my work, and when I return I know that I have had some kind of 'happening' with the canvas. Attending the National Art School at Darlinghurst Sydney 1989 - 1991 completing her Diploma in Fine Art, Honeyfield went on to complete her Masters in Art Therapy at the University of Western Sydney Nepean in 1994 - 1995. She has been a finalist in numerous Art Awards such as The Blake Prize, The Paddington Art Prize, NSW Parliament Plein Air and the Pro Hart Broken Hill Outback Art Prize. Pamela won the 2014 Gosford Regional Gallery Art Prize and won the Gosford Regional Gallery Art Prize (again) in 2015 for her work 'Dusk Falls Across The Flinders.'

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