Michaela Laurie

Michaela Laurie

Michaela Laurie lives and works in country New South Wales just south of Canberra, Australia’s nation’s capital city. She studied Fine Arts at the University of Sydney, Australia and also studied etching, lithography, gouache, watercolour and life drawing at art colleges in Sydney. She moved from Sydney in 2002 with her husband and children to a property called “Wren’s Nest’ where she continues to live and work in her studio. For Michaela, Sydney was all about the city and the skyline silhouette. The landscape of her “new” home is in stark contrast to Sydney but the silhouette still plays an important role in her work. The land where she lives is one of expansive skies and rugged mountains overbrimming with elements of natural beauty formed by a harsh climate. This landscape has pervaded her soul. She sees the hills, trickling creeks, dams, rocky outcrops, weathered gums and pines trees everyday from her home and studio. The trees, each with a distinct personality, are distinctly silhouetted against huge ever changing skies. These views never cease to draw her to them. At sunrise and sunset, their interior makeup disappears to create a dramatic scene. The sky becomes a luminous pool of colour. Magic is played out and colours begin their hypnotic dance.

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Michaela is fascinated by layering of lines and depth of colour to create texture and movement. Her technique involves scribbling with pen and ink and then “painting’ with coloured pencils. The coloured pencil medium allows for translucent rich colour to be built up because their waxy consistency allows blending, layering and glazing of the coloured pencil marks. The combination of ink and coloured pencil allows for areas of light and dark to be created giving a very three dimensional effect. The result is paintings which glow from within. This technique is brought to subjects such as landscape, islands in the bay, bonsai gardens and still life subjects.  She likes to bring elements of magic into her interpretation of the landscape to make it somewhat fantastical. She sees a world of calm stillness with elements appearing from her imagination and childhood. Michaela has noticed that there is something in the human psyche which draws us to anything, no matter how small, giving the evidence of human presence or to creatures, such as animals and birds. Our instinctive eye seems to search this out before looking at a landscape. Our eye then flickers across the landscape and then back to what we first sort out. The manmade elements Michaela includes in her work, invite the viewer to enter the landscape, walk through and interact with it through their imagination. The works evoke a sense of peace, contemplation and tranquillity


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