Mary Donnelly

Mary Donnelly

Mary Donnelly is an artist where the smooth tabletop absorbs her entire composition, a poetic minimal space where vessels assume a sculptural and singular grace. Donnelly’s practice is an ongoing study of exploring the underlying compositional structures that lead to an inner dialogue within the work. Highly sculptural still life compositions showcase the understated beauty of simple objects; a collection of objects that would otherwise have gone unnoticed become the subject for observation. Following a trip overseas, Donnelly’s work began to exude hotter palettes of barbie pink and fluoro orange with their complimentary colours falling in line - soft mint greens and turquoise, lime and mauve. She felt the need to embrace and experience the warm colours she enjoyed whilst overseas. Longing to simplify and dilute her work to a core existence is what drives Donnelly. She wishes to create something that is pleasing to the eye; to engage the viewer and create an inner sense of order, a balance in the visual experience.   A finalist in the National Still Life Award in 2017, Mary Donnelly’s artwork offers her viewers an alternative perspective, a harmonious outlet to immerse in and escape.

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