Marika Varady

Marika Varady

The work of Marika Varady is anti-literal. Her forms could be plumes of flame or moving cloud formations. Her work presents nature at its most elemental and colour at its most elegiac. If the works carry the gravitas of an old master it’s perhaps because of their methods. Reviving the centuries’ old tradition of using raw pigments and various oil based binders the artist makes make her own paints. This allows total control of her medium and this gives her work a glowing, almost mystical element. Smoke and flame are a consuming symbol for Marika Varady, whose plumes of cloud and vapour generate an intense and atmospheric immersion into the canvas. Blending rare pigments into oil to make her own paints forges the alchemy of Marika Varady’s lyrical vision. Hers is an environment of atmospherics that speaks of both fire and water illuminated by light. Marika Varady studied painting in Sydney at the National Art School and later spent two years at the Düsseldorf Art Academy in Germany studying post graduate painting. A professional painter for over 30 years, Varady has participated in over 60 exhibitions both in Australia and overseas, including eleven solo exhibitions. Marika has been a finalist in many competitions including the London International, Brisbane Art Prize, Norvill Art Prize, ANL Maritime Art Prize, Mosman Art Prize, World Year of Physics Prize, Travelling Art Scholarship, Waverley Art Prize and was the winner of the Bondi Youth Art Award. Her works are in various private collections in Australia, Europe, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, Hong Kong, New Zealand and USA.

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