Kobie Bosch

Kobie Bosch

The dawn of Australian Modernism was spearheaded by innovations that used the still life to cleave away from tradition. Just look at the way Kobie Bosch slices her scene in half and concentrates on a tightly graphic treatment of the table evoking the cool eye of 1920s Australian painting or the detail of a rich woodblock by the Japanese masters.  Drawing inspiration from the beauty found in our everyday households, gardens and parks, Kobie Bosch’s practice evokes the printmaking masters of the contemporary world. Paying particular attention to design, colour, pattern and line, Bosch’s works are rich in composition. Wishing to translate a bold narrative of Australia native fauna and flora, Bosch’s pieces are a joyful and exuberate response to her surroundings. Born and raised in South Africa, but based in Sydney Australia for a decade and a half, Bosch’s work shows a fascination with Australia’s wildlife whilst also evoking the rich detail of Japanese woodblock masters.

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