Ken Knight

Ken Knight

"There’s something about painting outside, whether it’s the flies or the wind, it’s very much an emotional response. I can’t get excited about taking a photograph and painting inside. My van is set up as a mobile studio, capable of carrying wet paintings." An impressionist ‘plein-air’ painter, Ken’s work is charged with a freshness and spontaneity that cannot be created in a studio. Ken approaches the landscape with a contemporary boldness. His use of textural oils applied by swift palette knife gestures and energetic brush strokes are highly responsive to the scene in front of him. The result is a painting which offers something a little different each time it is viewed. Up close, his paintings are brilliantly abstract - a myriad of brushstrokes and edges of thick paint - but stand back a few paces and they resolve into a landscape of texture, mood, time and place which shifts slightly with each viewing.

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