Joanne Duffy

Joanne Duffy

Classical and mythological interpretations of the landscape are rare in Australian art. The scale and expressionist freedom in Joanne Duffy’s painting possess the epic quality of our great lyrical masters such as James Gleeson and Robert Juniper and then something more. Her strong sense of place grows from the wellspring of her childhood in Western Australia and shines in the cloudscapes and desert nocturnes that blur the line between memory and myth. A Perth-based artist, Joanne Duffy’s paintings transcend borders, illuminating the wonders of the firmament. The scale and expressionist freedom in Joanne Duffy’s work reflects the fact that the seed for each painting is planted by being in nature and often in the turmoil of the seasons. This is an artist who paints anything but the clear blue skies of Perth and instead explores the unpredictable drama of light. Standing on the beach in the depths of winter with a storm front coming in or immersed in the violent colour of a summer burn off, her palette deliberately amps up the drama of the elements. "An expressionist at heart, key inspirations for my work lie in interpreting the emotional response to memories of landscape, and how this affects our character. The native flora and ancient landscapes are strong stimuli for investigating our senses’ response through colour, texture and movement. It is these remnants of experience which provides the key for interpretation of both personal and perceived experience." - Joanne Duffy

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