Claire Tozer

Claire Tozer

Practicing on the Central Coast of NSW and with a background in graphic design, Claire Tozer’s mesmerising works inspire from at a distance and within intimate settings. Tozer also approaches the variegations of branches, grasses and stone-scapes with an intricacy parallel to delicately threaded stitches. The poetic power of line, detail and undulating pattern lend her a quietly hypnotic magnetism. The arid beauty of a bleached mountain is crystallised by her linear focus. The landscape and the environment meld to create an abstract foundation for Tozer’s work – an iteration of climate’s profound impact. “My work is predominantly the visual impact of ‘lines’ The environment of dried grasses, trees, desert landscapes and walking tracks. It is not a direct representation, it is my own interpretation of what I see, a creative process and the most satisfying.” Claire Tozer Tozer has previously been selected for the Salon des Refusés (2006) and most recently won the KAAF (Korea-Australia Arts Foundation) Art Prize in late 2018.

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