Barbara Goldin

Barbara Goldin

Barbara Goldin is a Sydney-based artist who is motivated by the varied Australian landscape; the vastness of the desert, the rocky outcrops of the Kimberly and the meditative state of the boab tree Adansonia gregorii. Following her studies in Fine Arts at the École des Beaux-Arts, Sorbonne, Paris and drawing at the Académie de la Grande Chaumière. Barbara – through her many travels across Central and Northern Australia – was fascinated by the rugged ranges, dramatic gorges, semi-arid savannas and largely isolated coastlines. She immerses herself at the top of the towering limestone cliffs or the base of a boab tree, where she studies the light leaping from form to form. “My images are a response to the quality of light, the vibrant colours and textures of the land. These present paintings are based on the Kimberley where the boabs grow standing like ancient sentinels on rocky outcrops. The Pilbara region with the magnificent red escarpments, gorges and cool waterfalls inspire my work.” – Barbara Goldin. Back in the Studio, Barbara references her sketches and immerses herself into the powerful memory of being in the outback. It is here where memory takes hold of the brush. Barbara Goldin has held numerous solo and group exhibitions in Australia and South Africa. Her artworks are held in both private and corporate collections globally.

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