Felicia Aroney

Felicia Aroney


Felicia Aroney brings her rain drenched hydrangeas right into the foreground of her works fulfilling the fantasy of pressing all the senses into one gigantic bouquet. To paint a bouquet of flowers in a vase seems such a simple project. But for some it becomes a consuming passion, a pursuit of beauty for its own sake. Renowned for her elegant floral artworks, Felicia lives and works in Sydney, Australia drawing inspiration from her European heritage – channelling the distressed and peeled paint facades of classical Mediterranean architecture. Working with both oil and acrylic, her distinctive floral abstract works utilise a highly sculptural mark-making process, using a palette knife to layer and shape the paint until it stands in relief from the canvas. In this way, her work evokes a sense of history and antiquity alongside exploration and depiction of the natural world. Felicia has a strong presence in the art world and her work has been shown in galleries and art fairs all around the world. She is represented by 7 Australian Art galleries. Nationally, she has had many successful solo and group shows, including shows in Hong Kong, Singapore, Seoul and Florence. Felicia has been a finalist in the prestigious Mosman Art Prize and Hornsby Art Prize. Her collaborations include designs for make-up guru Napoleon Perdis in 2014 and 2017, Lavender Hill Interiors 2017, Designer Rugs 2018 and will soon be featured on TV Shows “Open Homes Australia” and “Ready Set Reno” 2018. “My greatest influence is having spent time as a child in my native homeland, Greece. The antiquity of aged buildings and the unsteady cobble paths that roped small residences together appealed to me. It has greatly influenced my technique. I use a palette knife applying thick layers of paint that dance off the canvas, recreating my childhood images of historic aged timeless beauty. My subject matter is typically Australian. Hydrangeas and blossoms and fruits that adorn our gardens. Wonderfully organic in shape and a joy to recreate in my own unique fashion. By combining my textural technique with Australian Flora, I am in a sense marrying both my Greek Heritage with my proud Australian upbringing.”

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