Claire Tozer

Claire Tozer

Claire Tozer’s intricate linework allude to the fearless oceans surrounding our sunburnt nation. With pristine waters pushing endless quantities of water along our coastlines, Tozer captures the movement of our blue abyss. Practicing on the Central Coast of NSW and with a background in graphic design, her mesmerising works inspire from at a distance and within intimate settings. Claire Tozer also approaches the variegations of branches, grasses and stone-scapes with an intricacy parallel to delicately threaded stitches. The poetic power of line, detail and undulating pattern lend her a quietly hypnotic magnetism. The arid beauty of a bleached mountain is crystallised by her linear focus. Tozer has previously been selected for the Salon Des Refusés (2006) and most recently won the KAAF(Korea-Australia Arts Foundation) Art Prize in late 2018.

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