Jacqueline Fowler

Jacqueline Fowler


Jacqueline Fowler’s vision of the still life is that of subdued light, where the sun dances on the petals of the cherry blossom or the curve of an ornamental vase evoking the theatrics of a Rembrandt portrait. For Jacqueline, there is an art in the formation of her composition. “I see the subject as a painting, making the light work for me, reflecting warmth or finding depth in the composition, giving cohesion, drawing the viewer’s eye along where the light touches, or just making colour the important element.” Jacqueline’s works are of complex subjects that transcend modern fashions. Jacqueline plays with light, warmth and the immediacy of her subjects, usually invoking a limited colour palette. Studying under Graham Moore, Jacquline hopes to involve the viewer with the colours and drama of her works. For Jacqueline Fowler, this light source is gentle, catching the glazed ornamentation of a Satsuma vase. Here is an example of the still life as an altar of contemplation, the cherry blossom alluding to the fragile and the temporal.

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